Focus Lender Services Group, LLC® in operation for well over a decade, provides examination services internationally to Asset Based Lenders headquartered primarily in North America and has examined billions of dollars of commercial loans.

FOCUS uses professionals in both the United States and Canada, with a minimum experience level of 10 years per examiner. The professionals of FOCUS provide services such as surveying, pre-closing, underwriting, recurring and forensic collateral examination services.

In today's heightened concerns over fraud and internet security, Focus Lenders Services Group, LLC® is forging ahead to protect the interests of Its clients. One reason why Focus has been approved by the major banks is due to the fact that we maintain a high level of security measures that are in place for our professional team in both the United States and Canada. Focus also provides a secure encrypted security system for the transmission of client information between its office and its professionals.

What We Do:

Focus Lenders Services Group, LLC® is strategically positioned within the Asset Based Lending Arena to support lending institutions by providing a comprehensive and cost-effective outsourcing solution to collateral field exam service requirements.

FOCUS has a team of professionals that are knowledgeable in restructuring, liquidating and the reorganizing of Companies with special attention in the areas of due diligence, property sales, and experience in asset management and disposition.

FOCUS uses auditing professionals in both the United States and Canada, with a minimum experience level of 10 years. We have had extensive experience in analyzing books, records, and details of transactions with virtually any organization, including financial institutions. The firm has particular experience in applying audit and forensic accounting procedures to detect weaknesses and irregularities in the complex/sophisticated accounting systems and masses of data inherent in the voluminous records of a large organization.

Quick Response:

Focus Lenders Services Group, LLC® concentrates solely on lending institution collateral examinations and can fulfill requests by lenders for field examinations at a moment's notice. We have a team of seasoned collateral examinations experts ready to respond to your needs.

How Can We Help?

Maintaining all in-house capability for collateral field examinations can be an expensive proposition for lending institutions.

Increasingly, lenders are relying on outsourcing such services by partnering with specialists who can fulfill collateral examination requirements in a more cost-effective manner.

Collateral field examinations can provide lenders with an objective approach to determining whether loans are performing to expectation or whether potential problems may be developing.

Focus Lenders Services Group, LLC® is the outsourcing partner of choice to lenders throughout North America.