Critical Inventory Monitoring

Focus Lender Services Group, LLC® currently provides Critical Inventory Monitoring (CIM) for its ABL clients. The CIM services are specifically designed to provide account executives (A/E) or relationship managers with monthly or weekly monitoring of high risk clients. CIM provides the A/E with trend analysis, spiking analysis, slow-moving inventory listing with dollar-values as well as actual inventory aging. In addition to the routine monitoring, the service can also be used to assist ABL-auditors in the field by providing the analysis, sample selection, initial slow-moving inventory listing for the clients to review and comment while the auditor is still in the field.

CIM is done off-site saving both time and expense. The information required is submitted along with the borrower's BBC on an as required basis.

For example, if inventory reporting is done monthly, the borrower would submit the required inventory G/L report in the format specific to the borrower's accounting system. The data compiled is continuously updated with key parameters tracked and monitored. Subject to demand, a CIM report is e-mailed to the A/E usually on the same day the information is received in the Focus office.