Premier Business Intelligence Services

Focus Lenders Services Group, LLC® is affiliated with a premier business intelligence firm that offers services for fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, private equity groups and numerous financial institutions both domestically and abroad. In creating this alliance, we offer The Focus Premier Business Intelligence Services.

The Focus Premier Business Intelligence Services staff is comprised of highly-trained investigators, including former U.S. Secret Service, CIA and FBI agents, Intelligence analysts and electronic countermeasure experts. Our seasoned professionals provide comprehensive corporate due diligence, investigative and business intelligence services by employing industry Leading expertise, cutting edge technology, and worldwide resources.

In this climate of unprecedented global competition and financial risk, FOCUS is positioned to provide a comprehensive set of intelligence and due diligence services. We customize our services to help our clients anticipate, mitigate, and manage the numerous challenges of the current economic environment.

FOCUS Premier Business Intelligence Services provides a broad-range of risk management services including:

  • Business, financial and fraud investigations

  • Business and employee background investigations

  • Asset tracing

  • Computer security investigations

  • Intellectual property investigations

  • Litigation support.

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